1.1.1 Works identified using the name of a creator

If it is a work with a single personal writer, composer, painter, photographer, compiler or other type of creator, or a work for which one person or corporate body is represented as being principally responsible, identify the work using the name of that person or corporate body in conjunction with the title. If several creators are listed, consider the one named first as being represented as being principally responsible. Use the rules in Section 7 to determine the identifier for a creator used in a name-title work identifier. If it is not a work with a single creator represented as being principally responsible, identify the work using the title alone (see 1.1.2).


Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. Romeo and Juliet

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. Symphonies, no. 5, op. 67, C minor

Vermeer, Johannes, 1632-1675. Girl with a pearl earring.

Keating, P. J. Working-class stories of the 1890s
[a compilation of stories by many authors, edited with an introduction by P.J. Keating]

Bishop, Henry R. (Henry Rowley), Sir, 1786-1855. Faustus
[statement of responsibility reads: 'composed by T. Cooke, Charles E. Horn, and Henry R. Bishop;' Bishop's name is displayed more prominently than those of the others]

Dylan, Bob, 1941- The basement tapes
[statement of responsibility reads: 'Bob Dylan and the Band']

National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.). Trends in infant mortality by cause of death and other characteristics, 1960-88.

Symposium on Tar Sands (1976 : Toronto, Ont.). Symposium on Tar Sands held as part of the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, Oct. 3-6, 1976, Toronto.

National Geographic Society (U.S.). Cartographic Division. South America.

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