Unique identifiers for works identified by title

If the title alone is insufficient to distinguish one work from another, add in parentheses whatever additions to the title are necessary to identify the work and distinguish it from other works with the same title. Possible qualifiers include content terms (see Sections 1.2.9, 1.2.10), corporate bodies that are not principal creators of the work but are closely associated with the work and useful for identification of it, place of publication/release/distribution/broadcast, and original date of publication/release/distribution/broadcast (see Section 1.2.3). If multiple qualifiers are necessary in order to identify the work, separate each qualifier with a space colon space. Dates can be particularly helpful in identifying works so it might be useful to include them even when they are not strictly necessary to distinguish one work from another with the same title.


Star is born (Film : 1937)
Star is born (Film : 1954)
Star is born (Television program : 1961)

Cinema (Cambridge, England : 1968-)
Cinema (London, England : 1975-)
Cinema (Paris, France : 2001-)

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