Original dimensions

[type of data: composed data (literal); not repeatable]

When known and when important to the users of the catalog, indicate the original dimensions of the work as follows.

Material Dimensions Example
audio cartridges, cassettes, computer cassettes length and height of the face of the cartridge followed by the gauge (width) of the tape 7 1/4 x 3 1/2 in., 1/4 in. tape
cards, cartographic models, flipcharts, maps, microfiches, overhead transparencies, microfiche cassettes, sheets, slides height by width 12 x 17 cm.
computer cartridges length of the side of the cartridge that is to be inserted into the machine 3 1/2 in.
discs, audiotape or computer tape reels, globes diameter of the disc, reel, or globe 12 in.
film, filmstrip, video, and microfilm cartridges, cassettes, filmstrips and filmslips, film, videotape, or microfilm reels, film or microfilm rolls gauge (width) of the film or tape 35 mm. ; 1/2 in.
still images height by width, diameter, or other dimensions as appropriate 28 x 36 cm.
volumes height 18 cm.
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