1.3 Work access

Variant name-title and title identifiers [type of data: normalized heading—variant identifiers (non-literal typed)]
Ensure that catalog users doing any type of catalog search can search under any variant of the creator's name and any variant of the title that has been used for a work and be led to the identifier being used in the catalog to identify that work. Variant titles for the work may be encountered in the course of cataloging its various expressions. If the work could reasonably be sought under one of these variants, the title variant should be indexed in such a way that a user who searches on it is led to the work. If a variant title is specific to a particular expression such that a user searching on that title would not benefit from retrieving the work rather than the specific expression, see 2.3.3. If a variant title is specific to a particular title-manifestation, see 3.2.1. If a variant title is specific to a particular serial title, see 4.3.1.

Type of variant title for work [type of data: composed data—controlled terms (non-literal typed); repeatable]

If desired and if useful to catalog users in your institution, choose a term from the following list of types of variant title if possible. Choose the most specific term, if possible. If none of these terms apply, compose a term to describe the type of variant title. If the type of variant title is ambiguous, do not include a term:

alternate title
parallel title
part title of work identified by whole-part title (see
portion of title
title with variant spelling
title with numerals spelled out
title with spelled out numerals given as numbers

Provide users with access to the work under the following categories of identifiers or headings:

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