11. Genre/Form Identifiers

[type of data: normalized heading—other entity identifiers]

If an identifier has already been created in the catalog for a particular genre or form, use that identifier for all subsequently acquired works that are examples of that genre or form. If the identifier for a genre or form changes over time, change each normalized ocurrence of the identifier throughout the catalog.

Use literary warrant to determine the genre/form identifier to be used for a particular genre or form. In other words, choose as the genre/form identifier the name by which the genre or form is commonly referred to in the literature

Variant genre/form heading access

Ensure that catalog users doing any type of catalog search can search under any form of name that has been used to denote a particular genre or form and be led to the form of name being used in the catalog to identify that genre or form. [type of data: normalized heading—variant identifiers]

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