2.1.1 Nature of modification (change in content) of expression [Expression to work relationship]


To distinguish one expression from another.

To characterize the expression for a user unfamiliar with it.

To warn the user if the change in content constitutes a kind of damage, as when a work has been abridged, a color film is in black and white, or a wide-screen film has not been letterboxed and is therefore missing a portion of its original image content.

In order to indicate the relationship between the expression and the work of which it is an expression, include one or more relator terms from the following list. Choose the most specific term, if possible. If none of these terms apply, it is permissible but not required that the cataloger compose a term to describe the relationship between the expression being cataloged and the work of which it is an expression [type of data: composed data—controlled terms (non-literal typed)]:

  • abridged edition/short version Note
  • annotated edition
  • arrangement
  • art reproduction
  • black and white copy of work originally issued in color Note
  • colorized version Note
  • different sound track version (moving image)
  • dubbed version (moving image)
  • edition in parts (music)
  • edition with accompaniment (music)
  • edition with biographical material, critical material, etc. [more detail provided in section 2.9]
  • edition with commentary
  • enlarged edition/long version
  • first edition
  • illustrated edition
  • musical transcription
  • performance [but not if a cinematographic component has been added to the original work creating a new related work]
  • revised edition, 2nd
  • revised edition, 3rd
  • revised edition [number]
  • score
  • subtitled version (moving image)
  • translation
  • wide-screen film not letterboxed Note

If desired, institutions may consider encoding those types of expression identified above with an asterisk as an undesirable or damaged type of expression, flagged for the purpose of warning users.

See also rules for transcribed edition statement (section 2.2.4) and description of change due to appendage (section 2.2.17).

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