2.2.13 Content of expression

[type of data: composed data—controlled terms (non-literal typed); not repeatable]


  • To distinguish one expression from another.
  • To characterize the expression for a user unfamiliar with it.

Indicate the type of content contained in the expression using the most specific term from the following list, if possible. If none of these terms apply, compose a term to describe the content. NOTE: Do not apply moving image terms in the list below to works that are essentially moving image works, with large visual components involving cinematography and editing. These terms should only be applied to expressions of essentially textual or musical works in which moving image is used as a mere recording mechanism.


use 'performed music moving image' for a complete performance of Beethoven's 5th symphony filmed by a stationary camera

do not use 'performed music moving image' for Ingmar Bergman's film of The Magic Flute. Instead, see 1.2.9 and 1.2.10.

art reproduction
cartographic dataset
cartographic image
cartographic model
cartographic moving image
cartographic tactile image
cartographic tactile three-dimensional form
choir book
chorus score
close score
condensed score
notated movement
notated music
overhead transparencies
performed movement
performed movement moving image
performed music
performed music moving image [do not use for dramatico-musical works such as operas, which are works not expressions; see 1.2.9 and 1.2.10]
piano [violin, etc.] conductor part
piano [violin, etc.] score
remote-sensing image
serial with changed title
sheet music
spoken word
spoken word moving image
study print
table book
tactile image
tactile music
tactile notated movement
tactile text
tactile three-dimensional form
three-dimensional moving image
vocal score

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