2.2.2 Statement of responsibility for the work

[type of data: transcribed data (literal); not repeatable]


  • To record the various ways responsibility for the work has been expressed in all of its expressions
  • To provide evidence for the determination of the name commonly known for personal and corporate creators of the work
  • To identify the particular pseudonym a creator has used in the creation of the work in cases in which a creator uses more than one persona connected to more than one pseudonym

Transcribe a statement of responsibility for the work that appears on all manifestations of the expression being cataloged in the form in which it appears. Transcribe the statement of responsibility exactly as to wording and spelling but not necessarily as to order. If the statement of responsibility does not appear prominently, but is instead taken from inside the item cataloged, make a note of the source of the statement of responsibility.


by William Shakespeare
by Lewis Carroll

For works of mixed responsibility in which multiple functions have been carried out by multiple people and corporate bodies, if desired for clarity, transcribe in groups the people and bodies who have carried out different kinds of functions. For example, for moving image works, transcribe first the credits of the companies and people who have major overall responsibility for the work (e.g. production compan(ies), director(s), producer(s), writer(s), and animator(s)). Then transcribe all of the performer credits. Then transcribe all of the other production credits, such as cinematographer(s), editor(s), production designer(s), etc.

For integrating resource works with statements of responsibility that change, revise the statement of responsibility to reflect the current iteration. Make notes, using date spans, to indicate earlier statements of responsibility.

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