3.1.6 Series

[type of data: transcribed data; repeatable]


To allow a user with a citation that includes or consists of a series title to identify the title-manifestation as the one being sought.

For monographic works with series that change without change in underlying content, consider the change to create a new title-manifestation. If a new record is made for each new title-manifestation, make a new record.

Transcribe the title of the series exactly as to wording, order and spelling, but not necessarily as to punctuation and capitalization. Capitalize the first word of the title and any proper names that appear in the title in accord with the language and script of the series statement. Give the numbering of the item within the series, if applicable, in the terms given in the item, preceded by a space, a semicolon, and a space. Enclose the series statement in parentheses unless the cataloging system being used will supply these parentheses on display.

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