4 1 3 Demonstrating relationships among serial titles of the same expression of a serial work

In order to indicate the relationship among two or more serial titles, include one or more relator terms from the following list. Choose the most specific term, if possible. If none of these terms apply, it is permissible but not required that the cataloger compose a term to describe the relationship among two or more serial titles [type of data: composed data—controlled terms]:

preceding--absorbed in part
preceding--continues in part
preceding--formed by the union of … and …
preceding--separated from
preceding--supersedes in part
succeeding--absorbed by
succeeding--absorbed in part by
succeeding--changed back to
succeeding--continued by
succeeding--continued in part by
succeeding--merged with … to form …
succeeding--split into … and …
succeeding--superseded by
succeeding--superseded in part by

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