5.3.2 Carrier piece count

[type of data: composed data; not repeatable]

Provide a count of the number of physical pieces appending a number to one of the terms in 5.3.3. If the item contains content that is not self-evident from the rest of the description, add a brief description in parentheses.

1 CD (various photographs)
1 media player (8 audio files, 7 text files)
2 microfilm reels (6 volumes)
2 DVDs (video; 16 reels)

If two manifestations are known to be the same expression (identical content) but they differ in extent, record the extent count here (see 2.2.12).

Example of two identical texts printed out with different fonts:
1 computer print-out (15 p.)
1 computer print-out (14 p.)

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