7. Relationships to Other Works

[type of data: normalized heading—related work identifiers]

If the work is related to another work, note the relationship and provide access via the work identifier of the related work.

Works within works.

Preferred: create a separate description for each work, parent and child. Link down to children by means of a contents list of works contained. Link up to parent by means of a parent work identifier (currently labeled 'series' in the MARC 21 format, but should be more broadly conceived as an up-down hierarchical parent-child relationship). Link sideways to other works in the same container work by means of a With: note listing other works contained. Note: for prolific parents, such as monographic series, contents lists and with: notes would be impractical.

Optionally: In the description of the parent, create a contents list of the works contained (children) plus provide access under an analytic work identifier for each child work.

Optionally, create a separate description for each work contained (each child), but do not create a separate description for the parent work; provide access to the parent work only by means of a parent work identifier.

Note that if either option is followed, some works will be represented in the catalog only by work identifiers but will lack full work descriptions.

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